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Timesheet / Performance

Timesheet and Performance Management

In most service companies "Timesheets" is base for Billing and individual performance monitoring. These Timesheets are recorded by each employee against the multiple tasks /project assigned to them.

Timesheet System is useful for:

  • Tracking productivity of an individual in a day/month
  • Tracking actual costs of time spent on project
  • Tracking the services provided by different employees on project
  • Comparing the hours really used on a project with the initial planning estimates
  • Automatically invoicing based on the service hours provided
  • Obtaining a list of the service hours for a given client
  • Reviewing profitability of project using timesheet data
  • Approval of Timesheet data by client / Project manager
  • Timesheet Sheet Analysis
    • The extra hours that they have worked
    • Holidays and sickness
    • Look at the history of timesheet entries by project and by employee
    • Manage attendance through Sign in / Sign out

Timesheet data is further extended to evaluate employees Performance. Every month Project manager monitors monthly contribution on specific project by an individual and provide his comments. Entire process is transparent to employees and his manager. Following information is used for performance monitoring.

  • Month wise reports of the timesheet enable Project manager to review Individual performance by reviewing
    • Productive Efforts
    • Overrun Efforts
    • Leave Time
    • Effective Contribution

Timesheet / Performance

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